Meet the Doctor

Dr. Longacre has been helping people live pain free in her chiropractic clinic in Mauldin, SC 29662. As a chiropractor with experience she is committed to promoting health and living a life drug free.

Dr. Carolyn DeSimone Longacre
Dr. DeSimone - Mauldin Chiropractor

Dr. Carolyn DeSimone Longacre (nicknamed in the office as "Dr. D") graduated from Western Carolina University in 2005 with Bachelor of Science degrees in Biology and Chemistry. She graduated from Life University College of Chiropractic with her Doctorate in Chiropractic in 2012, started practicing in Knoxville, Tennessee in 2013-2016 and has been practicing in South Carolina since July 2016. She has been practicing in the Greenville/Mauldin, SC area since July 2017.

Dr. D’s interest in chiropractic took shape while growing up and observing back problems her father, a General Contractor, sustained performing various construction projects. Throughout her childhood, she watched as her father constantly threw his back out and ended up on the couch for days on end. One weekend after moving furniture, he suffered severe pain down both his legs.  A colleague of his suggested seeing a local chiropractor. Because he wasn’t able to drive, Dr. D drove her father to his chiropractic appointments all those summer mornings. Over time, she noticed that he was getting better and was able to function and move without any drugs or surgery. It was amazing! She finally decided to follow her father into the treatment room, where she met his doctor and asked if she could see more. After a few weeks of shadowing the chiropractor and observing the amazing results of other patients, she was hooked and wanted to be part of this profession that improved people’s quality of life!

Growing up, Dr. D struggled with sinus issues, allergies, ear aches, and sore throats. When she was four years old, she had tubes surgically inserted in her ears, and yet again at seven years old. Over time it alleviated some of the symptoms, but it didn’t fix the problem.  She was left with moderate scar tissue in both of her ears and moderate loss of her sense of smell. While volunteering in a chiropractor’s office, she started to get adjusted, and found over time she didn’t have to take her allergy medicine anymore, and was less congested! One of her focuses is to help children and pregnant mothers get chiropractic care to avoid these issues along with other childhood issues. Dr. D believes that children should have the best foundation to grow and start a wonderful healthy life! Dr. D is a member of ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) and has been certified in Webster’s technique since April 2015.

Dr. D loves sports.  She plays volleyball and tennis, and ballroom dances. She was also an aerobics instructor and personal trainer in her undergraduate years. She lives in Greenville with her husband Aaron, their daughter, and their three cats.


Dr. Nick Hightower
Dr. Nick Hightower - Mauldin Chiropractor

Dr. Nick Hightower, a native of Aiken, SC, received his Bachelor of Arts in psychology in 1997 from The Citadel Military College of South Carolina and his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2009 from Life University’s College of Chiropractic in Marietta, GA. Firsthand experience with chiropractic made such a positive impact on his quality of life that he decided to pursue it as a career. His holistic view of the body focuses on treating the person as a whole and not merely the sum of their symptoms. Postgraduate training includes clinical neurology diagnosis and physiology, extremity adjusting and functional diagnostic medicine.

When he isn’t in the office helping patients, Dr. Hightower enjoys camping, paintball, martial arts and playing music.

Meet Our Staff

Our staff has been helping people live pain free since this clinic opened in Mauldin, SC 29662. The staff is experienced and committed to promoting health.

Rebekah Trieper
Chiropractic Assistant
Rebekah Trieper - Chiropractic Assistant

Becka is a native to the SC Upstate. She graduated Pensecola Christian School with Honors, and has 20+ years in Customer Service. She enjoys people and helping them however she can!

Becka is firm believer of chiropractic care. As a newborn, she had colic and her parents tried everything, but nothing seemed to work. All she could do was cry miserably. She wouldn't sleep and her parents were at their wits end! One day, her dad was at the chiropractor and was telling the doctor about her situation, and he had them bring her in. He adjusted her and she finally slept all the way home and never had anymore issues with colic! Babies go through so much drama during the birthing process, and she realizes the importance of infant adjustments. She is living proof it works!

Becka is married to Eric and has 5 adorable fur babies: 3 dogs: Bailey, Niko and CoCo, and 2 cats: Puppy and BoBo. She is owner of Furry Godmother pet sitting business and is direct sales consultant for Scentsy. Becka also enjoys traveling, new adventures, cooking, and shopping.

Adrienne Haverland, RD, LDN
Registered Dietician / Nutritionist
Adrienne Haverland - Registered Dietician/Nutritionist

Adrienne Haverland, RD, LDN has been a registered and licensed dietitian since 2011. She completed her undergraduate degree at The Ohio University in Athens, Ohio and her post graduate internship at the Good Samaritan hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio. Throughout her career, she has worked in a number of areas within the industry including acute care hospitals, long term care, outpatient counseling and management. In her personal life she is a wife, mom, foster mom, avid cook and overall food enthusiast! She is a firm believer in eating real food, using natural and unprocessed ingredients to promote a healthier lifestyle!

Adrienne loves to focus on areas concerning IBS, SIBO, and endometriosis management with low FODMAP diet, anti inflammatory diet, PCOS, diabetes and insulin resistance management as well as general weight loss and wellness.

Tricia Chitwood
Licensed Massage Therapist
Tricia Chitwood - Licensed Massage Therapist

Tricia graduated from The Galen Institute in Wethersfield, CT in 2003, and has been practicing Massage Therapy in Connecticut, and now South Carolina, since then. Tricia started her massage journey at Chriopractors offices, and doing mobile massage. Her natural, intuitive style of finding areas of tension combines perfectly with deliberate, educated techniques such as deep tissue, sports massage, and orthopedic remedies. Tricia works most effectively with people in chronic pain who need to live their lives regardless. Her passion for life long learning ensures that her massage is always evolving, and meeting the changing needs of her clients.