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Steve Portwood Facebook Review of Evergreen Family ChiropracticSteve Portwood reviewed Evergreen Family Chiropractic, LLC — 5 star
August 18, 2017 · 5 Star Facebook Review

I owe a lot to Dr DeSimone! I was experiencing, when standing for extended time, or walking, My legs would feel as if they were burning. I was told by the VA back surgery was my best option. My sister was a Patient of Dr.D, she recommended me visit her. Im so glad I did. We began a process of 2 visits per week to adjust the pressure on the nerves in my back. After about 6 weeks, I was mowing my lawn, using my weed eater, walking, standing with no pain. I have been able to began an exercise program and maintain that routine with very little discomfort. I have all the admiration in the world for this lady and her Professional Attitude and devotion to her patients. I am very fortunate to have this Lady as a Doctor and Friend.

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"Dr. DeSimone cares for me and my family. She works well with children and truly cares about them. She is always asking them about how they feel and what has been going on in their lives. She listens to what you have to say about your health and helps you get on the road to wellness. She has never failed to take good care of our needs. She shows a devotion to her clientele developing a good relationships with them. I believe she truly cares for people her Positive energy helps you in Body & Mind!" - Elisabeth N.